About Us

Working with the fair price modality, it has been possible to set a purchase price 10% higher than the average price in the regional market, with formal supply contracts. The foregoing, in addition to generating a benefit for the coconut-producing communities, helped the company to overcome problems of instability in the supply of raw materials, in relation to quantity, frequency of supply, and quality.



An important step was the constitution of the company GRUPO PACIFICOCO S.A.S, dedicated to the transformation and commercialization of the derivatives obtained from the Colombian Pacific Coconut.


The purpose of GRUPO PACIFICOCO S.A.S. is to foster development sustainable business, economic, and social development that contributes to improving the quality of life of communities dedicated to growing agricultural products typical of the Pacific coast; This will be done through strategic linkages that will strengthen regional production chains.


GRUPO Pacificoco S.A.S, a seed of peace and prosperity!


GRUPO PACIFICOCO S.A.S., will be accepted. In the medium term, the number one agro-industrial company in the Colombian south-west, specialized in the use of raw materials of agricultural origin typical of the Pacific coast, with which it will obtain a new market. new products with greater added value.


In addition, it will be necessary to do so. It is recognized as a solid organization, promoter of regional socioeconomic development, based on principles of sustainability of natural resources and economic balance between the different links of the productive chains in which it ventures.

Grupo Pacificoco S.A.S. It is a company in the Agroindustrial sector dedicated to the transformation, processing and commercialization of products derived from coconut with Premium Quality. With our work we contribute to socioeconomic development by establishing fair market policies and strengthening the coconut production chain in the region.